Friday, February 4, 2011


Haha.Can't u see the different??? Actually,the question is..What the changes that we've made between this 3 different stages..apakah perubahan yg  dh dilakukan dripda semalam..arini and ape yg  dh plan tok esok...hehehe... 
Got it??? yes!!! mst kene grab!!!! *bak kate zizan.haha. slalu org ckp..past is past...tapayah igt dah...

heh?? org dolu2 ckp..yg baik jdkan tauladan and yg buruk jdkan bnd2 yg lpas kne igt jgak la...kan..

but... bg aku..tuhh org dolu2 yg ckp..skunk dh laen..and aku sgt ske ngn quote2 nih..really inspired me..hehhee

" Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened"

Today... yg sedang kita lalui...setiap saat yg berlalu..akn jd it!!! 

live as you  want to...dont be regret to the things that u had done...

ape yg kite bwat arini..akn jd penentu utk masa lalu yg sgt indah dan jugak utk masa depan yg lebih bermakna.. *wow!! sgt teruja ngn ayt siri.hahaha.

     " The past is behind, learn from it,
   The future is ahead, plan for it,
       The present is here, so LIVE IT. "

Tomorrow... the future that waiting for us...

kte tatau ape yg esok jnjikan utk kite.. rite..

yg pasti..when we plan well our  future.. it will be okay in the end...if not okay,its not the end..rite.. *tp kte hny mampu merancang..Allah S.W.T yg akn tentukan..heee =).. 

and the truth is...we don't know what is going to happen perpare for it!!!  

Hopefully, tomorrow will bring us a lot of joy and blessing from Allah S.W.T. Amin =)

" Learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow."

so, sbg konklusinye...lets kte tny pd diri siri..ape yg kte dh bwat pd masa lalu utk diri siri n org sekeliling...

apa yg kte sedang lalui it berbaloi ngn apa yg kte dh lalui dulu...
and apa yg kte dh plan tok masa depan yg lbey bermakna...for a better tomorrow... *cewaaah.. ayat xle bla!!! 

bak kte cik patah : " hari ini...betulkan balik ape yg silap pd masa lalu untuk masa depan yg lebih sempurna" *pepatah ini adalah under coryright aku siri.haha. 

Posted by : Syida Senin       18:53 p.m

Just sharing. Thanks for reading heeee :P


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