Friday, February 3, 2012

Berjiwang jiwang sebentar. ♥ ♥ ♥

Is it really important untuk kite ucapkan "I love you?" to our loved ones, termasok parents, adik beladik, BF kite, BFF kite, saudara mara, jiran2, dan org setaman? *haha.tapayah nk i love u sgt la dgn jiran2.kang silap ckp kat laki org.naya mak nyah!! ;p

But, in any relationship, dua2 parties need to be reminded of how much they are loved. betol tak?

lelaki or pompan suke bila partner korang ckp cm nih. ehem2. "kite sayang sgt kat awk" *sambil wat muke ala2 amir rajalawak.auchhhh.

Makin lame 1 relationship tuhh, x kisah la marriage, or dating, the more we must come up with fresh ideas for saying "I Love You", aite?? barulah cwweeeeetttt cgt kan. brulah x bosan kan.kan.kan. ;p

If you are the kind of person who has a hard time saying "I Love You", *bile nk ckp i love u tuhh cm ade tulang ikan. tulang ayam, batu seremban, beg skolah sume la tersangkut kat kerongkong tuhh!!! you may want to do some practicing until you get it right.


Bak kate westlife "more than words laaaa" means, words i love u tue dah jd bnd basic lam relationship, tp if partner bg lbih, that will be a bonus!! :P

mai cheq kongsi sket apa yg dimaksudkan dgn more than words tuhh.heeee =P

There are some tips tok u ollss :

First skali, igt korg pny anniversary, selain tue, be her/his bestfriend, listen, pray for each other, g dinner sme2, send flowers or anything yg sweet2 for no reason, make him/her a card, n byk lg la!!

Try it!! and make ur relationship more interesting and meaningful. hehhe. cweettt cgttt kan . :)

Just sharing. Thanks for reading heeee :P


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