Thursday, February 28, 2013


بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Yesterday i've turned to 24 which i was not ready n not looking forward to it. *feel tua oledy. =P
Turning 24, is it good or bad?? one thing that i know that, it is good for being alive.Life is the most awesome thing that i have…ever. ya ya ya. it may be difficult, it may be painful, it maybe full of disappointment, but as long as i have all my beloved ones, In Sya Allah, everything will be all right. :) 

Nak story sket la sal burdae ni. Tepat jam 12.00, my fiancee da wish da. tp malangnye aku plak yang tdo. dengan mamai2 tu aku denga la ape yang En.Hisham tu wish. tp wpun mamai, aku tetap ingat ape yang die cakap okeh. Mak, adeq pon da wish time tu jugak.hehe. Balik keje tadi. En Hisham bg suprise lagi. tapi takmo cite, let only me yang tau.hehe. Thanks sayang for that suprise. looking forward for this saturday too.hehe. *dating .haha. nothing much to share. sume cam biasa2 aja'. no party. no prank2 whatsoever. hehe. and thanks for all the DOA dari semua. itu dah cukup bermakne :)

and for all of the thing that I've gone through, all the good and bad memories, the good things that makes me happy, the lessons that i never forget, the bad things that hurt me, with loved ones or with enemies, and for who I 'm today, all thanks to Allah S.W.T.
Terima kasih Ya Allah kerana masih beri peluang untuk aku hidup, untuk terus bernafas, untuk terus berjuang. :)

p/s : awatnya bahasa macam rojak petissss. =P

Just sharing. Thanks for reading heeee :P


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